Funeral services

Address of the Administrative building and headquarters: Eugena Kumičića 22

Telephone: 052/ 541-111
Fax: 052/ 542-768
Cell phone (employee on stand-by duty): 098/357-861 (0-24)

The Office for funeral services provides funeral service, selection, and purchase of funeral equipment, assignment of grave plots for use ……..

Funeral service includes providing services from the moment of taking over the Deceased until intermittent in a burial plot, and it includes taking over, transportation, equipping, commemoration, and burial of the Deceased. The Office performs exhumations to and from the crematorium and other services related to the business activity (creating death notices, publishing notices and final farewell in public media, creating wreaths and arrangements).

Funeral equipment is intended for equipping the Deceased, and funeral service see to it that service meets the requirements of all parties depending on the type of selected burial and according to the ordering party's financial capabilities.  

Business activities of this Office are in line and carried out by provisions of the following: Law on the Communal Economy, Law on Cemeteries, Decision on Cemeteries, Ordinance on Cemeteries, Ordinance on the manner of keeping Register of graves and Register of the deceased persons, as well as other accompanying regulations.

Monte Giro LLC working hours

Working hours for clients: 07:00 - 15:00
Working hours of the cash register: 07:00 - 14:15
Working hours of the wreath workshop: 07:00 - 15:00